Thursday, April 28, 2011

History of Photo Processes work

So I'm sharing what I've been slaving my way through these past two weeks trying to get work done for this class.

I *do* have a working pinhole camera, but my b/w photo skills are absolute crap because I've only had one photo class and it was in senior year of high school, and even then, i didn't learn much. I need to practice, I love photography, but I just don't have the equipment...

So here is what I did instead of pinhole negatives. I used digital negatives, basically printed out an inverted b/w photo on regular paper w/ a regular inkjet printer and waxed the back. I used some of my best digital photography, some personal shots, and family photos. You know how when you spill oil on paper and it becomes transparent? Well beeswax does that and it allows you to make the back of paper transparent so you can make a negative.

I really enjoy doing this, I need to find some emulsion that is easy to reproduce and do more...

But really with this class you need to get your coating skills set and I think that's what he's looking for more than anything..

Cyanotype Print 01

Cyanotype Print 02

Cyanotype Print 03

Cyanotype Print 04

Cyanotype Print 05

Salt Print 01

Salt Print 02

Salt Print 03

Salt Print 04

Salt Print 05

Van Dyke Brown 01

Van Dyke Brown 02

Van Dyke Brown 03 - I really like this one.

Van Dyke Brown 04

Van Dyke Brown 05

Van Dyke Brown 06

Now off to get something to eat, and go to sleep cause I'm making myself wake up at 7:30 am in the morning to be right at the lab at 9 am so I can stay on top of shit. If I don't the earliest would be Saturday, and that's actually kinda late.

So while in this class today, there was a tour group that came in and observed the class and a random man looked over my work and said, "I like what I'm seeing." He doesn't know it, and maybe he knows something about photography, but just hearing those words come out of a complete stranger made my freaking day. My professor hasn't seen a lot of my work so I have no idea what he thinks...!

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