Sunday, February 20, 2011

Notes on my Birthday & Greek Key


Meep so the notes below are from the above post which the author (raphael) thinks the same way I do.... anyway he has posted notes about my numerical birthdate (1/25)(or 1251) which I find very interesting.

More info to meditate on…the evolution of the KEY / fret / greek meander pattern….



Take a look at #6.

The numbers 2 5 are clearly visible…

But even better….we find Marko Rodin’s glorious 1251 :idea:

or am I zeeing zings?

NOTE the numbers 1251 clearly as one of the WEAVES leading to the EVOLUTION of the KEY FRET pattern?

HOW does MARKO RODIN’s VBM, Vortex Based Mathematics and the YIN YANG concepts collide?


9 = 1251 = ABHA

9 =
2151 = BAHA

“…the unapproachable great name of god 2 1 5 1″

:flop: … #post37121

OR can we make out a 3 6 9 pattern from 1251125112511251?


p.s. NOTE: the year of the Magna Carta

1215 A.D.

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