Friday, February 18, 2011

Medal Mosaic

Yep. That right symbol with the double cross is a symbol for Nibiru and cold fusion.
Nibiru is said to be the planet that the Anunnaki that Sumerian race that have been said to have created humanity.... hmm... but the word nibiru means cross-over or crossing! Remember Sumeria is old old old old -- go back to the source.

Found this while researching the 'Greek Key'. Happy to say that I know what this means and the ancient scientific meaning behind it! =)


The center represents cold fusion.
The outer ring represents the magnetic and electromagnetic twirl (as in DNA)
The Greek Key represents gravity, and its vertical, linear wave.
The outer circle that looks like sun rays reminds me of the water, and in South America they believe in the waters above and the waters below, and water represents emotion, which represents Time...

Time = Movement, movement = (differential) geometry, (differential) geometry = emotional expression, emotional expression = memory storage, memory storage = the mind

Questioning that gravitational waves are linear? looky:

Linear gravitational waves and electrodynamic formalism in cosmology

The propagation of linear gravitational waves is studied in open and multiply connected Robertson-Walker cosmologies. In order for the group velocity of the gravitational wave packets to coincide with the speed of light, the linear wave equation must be conformally coupled. This opens the possibility of using the electromagnetic formalism. The gravitational analogue to the electromagnetic field tensor is introduced, and a tensorial counterpart to Maxwell's equations on the spacelike 3-slices is derived. The energy-momentum tensor for linear gravitational waves is constructed without averaging procedures, a strictly positive energy density is obtained, and it is shown that the overall energy of a gravitational pulse scales with the inverse of the expansion factor.

Regarding outer ring representing time.....

Figure 3. An initially horizontal dye line distorts in the resonant internal wave (top). The high shear associated with the resonant internal waves causes a Kelvin-Helmholtz instability (bottom)

From: Continental Slope: Resonant Internal Gravity Waves

Fluid physics is very important to studying energy. Anything that has been studied and found that water can do, energy can probably replicate it.

Ancient design win.

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