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The Physics of Jesus

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From Dan Winter's- June 1, 2009 (sequel to new Science of Alchemy)teaching

It is self evident that the ONLY thing which is in fact sustainable from the Jesus myth (Christianity) - is the PHYSICS- the real science- the pure principle. I suggest we rewrite history - based on the correct understanding that the only thing Jesus and his Egyptian ATUN ancestors needed or wanted - or could ever usefully teach us- was the correct physics to prepare our aura's for immortal sustainability. (Ultimately of course- through the Sun).

I have some life memory of the era of Tutankhamon- a portion of which became the Jesus myth - and I am confident the actual person who you call Jesus would find Christian personality worship rediculous- and would pronounce the present Catholic church - sitting on the billions they robbed from their inquisition murders- all the while preaching miracle worship, patriarchy - and 'fear of God' - to be one of the more evil (life denying- not to mention pedophilic) institutions of planet Earth. Tutankhamon actually inherited Hermes- study of life force electricity - as he was being trained to use his blood / kundalini as a rainmaker- because Pharoah-ism depended on that skill. Churchianity has descended a long way - to now regularly electing ex-nazi's to be pope. Men who today - I wager could not russel up enough CHARGE (grace) to enliven a grapefruit. Almost as lethally arrogant in their stupidity as the priests of physics who do not see how fractality- by electrically making gravity and all centripedal force- allows the making of any living body!

Get fractal and you TOO will experience acceleration of charge.

Gravity's definition IS heaven's gate. The Golden Spiral - perfected translation of vorticity and spiral in time- IS the 'time falling bodies- take to light'. This is the real Arcturian Arthurian arc on the torus: send a letter to flame - and you WILL get up off your cross.

Crucified on a cross- is to lose phase conjugation by virtue of being crossed as a wave- at right angle. Keeps you in the matrix.

The Gnosis tradition of deep Christianity has its emphasis on spirituality based on deep understanding - real principle. Hopefully this means maturing past the disempowerment of faith in miracles. It means- in short that you may steer your aura into the spirit world based on real knowledge of HOW that works.

So- with this we (re)introduce the principles of JESUS - real physics.

We have long spoken of the Egyptian and Sumerian roots of Christianity- how the person of Akhunaton either was or was related to Moses - whose son - Joshua- was probably Jeshua- and became the 'Righteous Priest'. We have discussed elsewhere how the ATUN or ATON in that blood line meant both SON God, SUN God, and Son's of Enki. Enki's blood became the Arcadian, and the BO of BOheme, and the BA of BAelzebub, and BAALbelon. Later this was the Benjamin family of MAGda and .. THE GRAIL.

As we have explained at numerous lectures- this version of the history story is - in our humble opinion- actually optional. It truly is not important how you stack up your own version of the history story- for in fact- only your actions based on pure principle actually determine if you successfully insert your aura into immortality (charge distribution sustainability). So- this article- is based on the philosophy - that the history story is only the colorful fairy tale (actually - more like nightmare) - which motivates you to get interested in the 'storal to the mory'- that is THE PURE PRINCIPLES. Once you have distilled the pure principles which enable genetic (field effect) survival - from history - then you can act on the essence- which is what becomes immortal. At that point - truly the colorful but horribly gruesome history of Earth - we insist will become indeed a short nightmare from which wakening is great benefit.

So: let us make a dictionary of the PHYSICS OF JESUS- so that you can judge for yourself - what will be useful millions of years from now (surely not personality and miracle worship):

Jesus (& Saint Issa)- Some might say -poetically in physics means the "EYE that is US" in the sense that when you propagate your aura with the real physics of compassion - you correctly identify with the electric field of charge (collective unconscious) which is the reservoir of survival memory- for all of DNA. - Thus in this sense CHRIST - refers to the essence of what makes all CHRYSTall-ization possible- which is when WAVES discover the perfect way to SHARE (all bonding is phase locking by perfect and opposing wave symmetry: sharing discovered).

God: Historic meaning- mostly referred to interventionist Draco / Uru / Usu / Annunaki- like Enki / Enlil ( - see Anton Parks)- in their relationship to our ancestors - their interventionist species/ genetic engineering. HOWEVER- in a larger sense God is the field coherence of larger, environmental, and especially INTERSTELLAR- phase conjugate FIELD EFFECTS. The navigable presence which coheres at the core of these plasma domain- IS the origin of our word DOMINUS - God - is DOMAIN- in the meaning implied in physics. ( plasma study and spiritual entities: , ).

Holy Communion - we have discussed elsewhere was primarily an ancient dragon ritual in which the white gold powder round cakes were eaten in order to eliminate all disease (note hazards of fractionation of the personality - when the phase conjugate material gold powder - is pushed prematurely on the DNA- awakening so much DNA piezolectric ringing - that ancestral voices overwhelm). The COMMUNION OF SAINTS- is the electric body of that collected genetic phase conjugate well distributed survival wisdom - in the form of a weak and broad spectral phase conjugate dielectric charge field.

The Father's Kingdom- and Heaven - are specifically those electric charge domains which sustained phase conjugation and fractality - allow sustainability in charge distribution. On a map - dreaming track - song lines - are measured as rivers of magnetic conductivity- crossing in a fractal. The underground water presence that follows them - is measured by phase conjugate dielectric capacitance. This means in effect - that the FATHERS KINGDOM- is literally that realm - where those who make enough coherence and phase discipline in their aura- become able to wakefully navigate. When Laurence Gardner - analyzed the Jewish concept of PLAINS OF SHARON - as extremely radiant (hugely distributed) electric fields - from (phase conjugate) Platinum Group Metals / 'PGM' - (Palladium / Platinum / Gold ) - he was actually close. The word HE-AVEN- literally means where the BREATH (HE) of CHARGE (Coulomb or Dove) - AVE- or FLIES. ( ). Compare to AVALON - where AVE (to fly) is the EL (phase shift-translation of vorticity thru the speed of light) of the AN (sun god). Also meant APPLE PLACE- enchanted apple- or BLUE APPLEs - which is the toroidal with pent core (apple) shape of implosive biologic charge. See also - the NINE LEVELS of Dante's Inferno - and the Nine toroid domains necessary to phase conjugate to bring a plasma field (human OR stellar) to LIFE: and links on THE NINE there.

Grail Cup: Phase conjugate container (stone /gold chalice). Grail in Blood - phase conjugate field of well braided (bliss radiant) DNA. Creates immortal life. (Grail stone - also compare with phase conjugate meteoritic glass -PGM impregnated- below)

Horn of Plenty: Phase Conjugate Cone- enabling self organization (abundance) Grail is charge path down that cone (into DNA for example).

GRAIL CASTLE - only accessible from the STATE OF GRACE..- Siege Perilous- being the implosive turning point just before 2 charge domains alchemically fuse (compare to conjunction combust in astrology).- more on Grail -as Science - below..

Grace: Phase conjugate - (non-locally self- organizing) and therefore biologically propagable- charge coherence. ( Similar to CHI, Orgone, Barrakah, Shaktipat, etc).

RITUAL PURIFICATION / BAPTISM: let's take the Essene use of living water- very appropriate. Immersing yourself in living fresh water- is one of the most potent ways (along with deep breathing) to make your body electrically phase conjugate. Consider our recommended technique for eliminating parasites- biologic and astral: deep breath in FRESH oxygen rich air- then immerse yourself in living water. Do this repeatedly and you WILL purify your blood and your aura. (The oxygen rich charge density- burns out parasites of most types).

Alchemy of the Eucharist- is the place where fractal charge compression - enables the merging / fusing of biologic auras (broad spectral capactive charge domains) into ONE. (KHEM= access to BLACK hole).

HELL. Remember - how clairvoyance revealed where the bad guys go at death- in the movies "GHOST" & "FLATLINERS" ? Hell is the place where your residual charge field goes after death- if it cannot phase conjugate. In that experience- lack of fractality- specifically - means the COMPRESSION WILL GENERATE HEAT. Since the only hope your DNA has of making something immortal at death - is to do sequential SQUEEZING IMPLODING FOLDING OPERATIONS (Kluver Form Constants- DNA FOLDS- are the Symmetry MAP you will see when you die). ref: The psychology of NOT being a wave which is shareable (phase conjugate) defines loss of pure intention- meaning that electrically your residual biologic charge field or DOMAIN (of heaven) - cannot embed in the collective survival field of DNA. This is the physics of why you need fractal electric space (definitely NOT a poisonous hospital) for better success possibility at death. - see also

Apocalypse: The Fourth Horus Man of the Epoch of the Elipse. The essenes were carefully calculating the time of the End of the World - based on their central solar teaching about the solar periodicities. So the Jesus effect is appropriate to return now - because - collective racial memory - needs to be prepared for insertion into the solar wind- / solar aura - as the maxima approaches. In effect- Sun God is here- because only those ready to inhabit the plasma of the Sun- in fact can survive.

Sin: actions which weaken the charge coherence of your aura- because either the hygiene is mistaken (does not FA-ATUN / 'fatten'=to feed aura) - and / or the memory they add does not serve collective genetic survival. (not shareable- and therefore not electrically propagable - not phase conjugate or fractal).

Pain: charge bleeds from the place where fractality is broken- pain serves to direct our attention there; which being phase conjugate- is designed to restore that constructive fractal charge compression - to restore effecient charge distribution (healing).

Blessing: directing the path of phase conjugate biologic charge- by moving the implosive charge compressing center of your attention field. (Like the Tai Chi master who pushes you over without moving his body by only moving his Dan Tien).

Ark of the Convenant: Potent Phase Conjugate Dielectric layered ('orgone') capacitor- capable of fractally attracting the voltage to motorize gold powder manufacture- and make sparks in war- and by virtue of its constructive charge compression core field- able to non-destructively hold certain radioactive materials. (Design: Sirius A- stolen by Akhunaton many believe- at the time he changed his name to Moses- to become the cash cow - gold powder manufacture of the Essenes - ref: Lawrence Gardner :"Sacred Ark"). The arriving Drac Annunaki - rather quickly forgot how to operate their war equipment - as long memory loss was a key symptom of their genetic 'fall' (Nephalim).

Jerusalem:- Originally by Sumerian Annunaki (An's) design - a STARGATE. Phase conjugating charge environment - to allow aura's to project themselves back in to stars. (URU-ASSA-EL-M = Draco - Queen - Place to make EL or PHASE SHIFT).

Kabbah: Meteoritic glass - diffused with PGM- gaseously embedded phase conjugate (palladium gold)- key to phase conjugate optics, red gothic cathedral windows, and was later ground up - to be the projective powder used to actually transmute into gold by Kelley and Dee et al. (

Melchizadek: The 'priesthood' derived originally from the MAG (draco queen - blood is Matrix of Fire / AG) from (z) TAK (Orion)> - or Maa- El- Chi-Zaadok.

Enki/Saam/ Atun / Ptah: lineage:

Hermes / Thoth / Ningishidda: Genetic Scientist and partner (but not son of ) Enki. (read Anton Parks: ). Hermetic symbol of life being quite correctly the caddeuceus: meaning PHASE CONJUGATION. The word Cadduceus- comes from the pre- URU / USU (Draco) term KADISTU (Life Designers). - see FEDERATION OF GALACTIC CULTURES- in Galactic History from Thoth - as narrated with Vincent Bridges: Compare 'Kadistu'- in Anton Parks- , One would assume - this is at least in part behind the coherent intention radiated by Enki's mother / partner.

Angel: plasma being able to inhabit (and influence by phase conjugate central body charge compresion) stars and star groups -. The symmetry elements (alphabets) of the construction of their bodies - is how you call them (see OPHANIM - ENOCHIAN etc. Inhabiting and steering major solar winds- requires these angel calls.

Seraphim: Winged dragon ancestor of Annunaki (Ciakar / Archon). Their lineage inhabited stars with their aura.They developed a conservative hygiene (prevent DNA from getting free) for genetic survival- which became their ambassador's GABRIEL- instruction when he initiated Mary (Christianity), Muhammed (Muslims) and Joseph Smith (Mormonism). The charge field symmetry sequences (alphabet letters) of their DNA braids - were burned into copper and gold foil. The essential defect of their genetic philosophy being their mistaken (Nephalim= fallen) belief that any DNA that changes is defective. This is the primal issue of Earth- to learn how DNA- in diversity becomes fractal / harmonic inclusive / and thus set free becomes electrically able to steer the DIRECTION OF ITS CHARGE IMPLODING (& thus star navigating black hole making) BRAID.

Altar / Shem:- the biblical word SHEM (as also in Shem - AN) became the Christian word ALTAR. Sitchen called it HIGHWARD FIRE STONE. We now know it is phase conjugate dielectric capactive stone: makes a bioactive electric field- which increases growth- can eliminate aging. (Related to ability of Ark of the Covenent - ability to non-destructively contain radioactive materials).

Holy Water: phase conjugate dielectric in water- also see - phase conjugate MAGNETIC water ( private link here). Compare to REDOX- as fractality measure for water- predicts ability to support life.

Sacred Space: Place where fractal charge compression enables perfected distribution (in air - and / or...)

2 images here: GDV measure of fractality in air / sacred space - and Fractality in African architecture.

Tongues of Flame (Pentecost): A capacitive and microwave / broad spectral plasma cocoon will form around the most phase conjugate parts of your body field (the crown of your head- during Kundalini for example ) . Pentecost refers to the symmetry of implosion climax which does result when charge waves approach center in phase balance from EACH of the faces of the Platonic Solids in their nest (total is 50). The resultant black hole making fusion (KHEM) pretty much defines all biologic climax and communion phenomenon- not to mention Alchemy in general.

Halo: The capacitive and broad spectral radiance of your aura (see GDV and measuring fractality in aura.).

Yalweh: name taken in profanity by Enlil- to become the Jewish GOD- originally referred to the two opposing pressure cones (yod and vah) which enable PHASE CONJUGATION and therefore ALL embodiment (as for example to 2 opposing cones of charge which comprise the shape of Orion as Plasm / Antarean Conversion)- see , and ). Because this was the controlling being of the Orion wars- Yalweh became rather the battle cry of those wars.

Ascention: when the number of harmonics in the weak charge field of your aura increase- due to the increase in the number of superposed axes of charge symmetry rotating on one folded (climactically fractal) surface. (Defines - number of DIMENSIONS). Harmonic inclusiveness = fractality = predicts the survivability of every living thing - starting with the medical physics of Heart Rate Variability. Ultimately - the aura then participates in the Golden Ratio phase conjugate and superluminal charge distribution- see COMMUNION OF SAINTS.

Enlightenment: ( ) When Kundalini's broad spectral (ULF to Microwave and beyond) phase conjugate (spinal mediated) pumping - becomes implosive and sustainable- the aura goes fractal (EEG and more in Golden Ratio)- resulting in extreme charge radiant aura- and extreme broadened area of perception (defined by phase conjugate charge compression essentially). Generally this should not be attempted or sustained in non-fractal electric environments- because you suck your environment in to become your electric body. Also important to note- that kundalini and enlightenment are electrically contagious and have critical mass. Those exposed unprepared to powerful phase conjugate fields- will drive all their biologic and psychic process toward completion- and if that is not a shareable wave- that will generally mean death (cellular apoptosis). (Example: the monastic cork chamber black hole at the Capuchin monestery at Sintra, Portugal- where a standard place was nearby to put those who went insane by staying too long. Another example- are the caves in Russia- which trigger Kundalini - as described by- "Ernst Muldashev - "Das Dritte Auge, Und Der Ursprung Der Menschheit : Spektakulare Erkenntnisse zur Herkunft unserer Zivilisation"
(The Third Eye, and the Origin of Mankind: Spektakular realizations for the origin of our civilization) - in Russian and German." - discussion:

Seventh Veil, Seventh Sign , Seventh Heaven: refers to the completion of the tetra-cube incubeating charge symmetry space which results when the 7 axes of symmetry of the tetra/cube are completed in a charge rotating system ( like the 7 tetra axes arranged layers of heart muscle, or how the DNA's 7th recursive braid completes the charge implosion you call SOUL).

Grim Reaper: The largest astral parasite in the Solar system is probably the residual astral body of Enlil (who called himself Yalweh- father of all vampires). Because he was such a lo grade and unsuccessful clone of Enki in the first place- he had no chance of ensoulment into solar navigating. He is the climax of parasite plasma in our solar system - imprisoned in the astral by his own (gold powder and pineal eating ) addictions. Lacking glandular bliss (like most 'ascended masters') he is forever imprisoned in the astral - the only nutrition available to him is to eat other souls for the remnant taste of emotion- they themselves could not produce. It is specifically necessary to navigate around and consume - astrally- this being- to succeeed in entering the solar body after death ( , ).

Resurrection of the Dead- on Judgement Day: We understand more the physics now - of where the charge field (ghost) of the ancestors reside. At death - the generally weak phase conjugate field of the body (ghost) - seeks the place where there is fractal (constructive) charge compression (phase conjugate dielectric- see how fractality in air is measured). This is the so called 'place memory lives in beauty'. In fact - as Korotkov so helpfully measured- the tribal place where shaman speak with their ancestors is precisely the place where air is measureably fractal (see fractality in African architecture: ). In this way - like in the measureable magnetic lines- which aboriginals call DREAMING TRACK- biologic plasma - residual from life- remains in charge distribution (alive). This relates also to what we have learned about sites of massacre where too many trapped ghosts affect climate / cause drought etc. The point here - is to understand the widespread Christian notion - that there will be a widespread resurrection of the dead- at the end times of the apocalypse or rapture. We have discussed elsewhere that the concept of planetary rapture fits perfectly with what happens when a planet is struck by a stellar plasma storm ( ) . When large scale - intercontinental - even planet wide- tectonics are stressed and broken - biologically this forces dead ghost from their haunts. It is as simple as the fact that pressure in tectonic stricture terms- is piezoelectrically in rock - exactly translated into VOLTAGE. This is precisely what drives biologic plasma ( ghosts of un-departed ancestors) from the land. ALL biologic memory (charge fields) which 'in the end' is not able to acheive acceleration thru the Sun - (& light speed)- must experience a final death. The possibility of shamanically re-gathering that memory- starts with understanding how a shaman can retreive a dying person in the first place. Finally- soul groups can have the potential with appropriate leadership- to be.." leading Mother Nature's Silver Seed to a New Home in the SUN".

Karma (see Pope - above): The continuous self organizing electrical restoration of implosive symmetry at the core of DNA"s collective charge field. Simply put - if you disturb the implosive/ fractal / phase conjugate distribution of charge which allows DNA to store and distribute it's survival info library - then the library's electric field- will cause you DESTRUCTIVE ELECTRIC WAVE INTERFERENCE ( the only biologic meaning of evil: waves which FAIL to embed... in the fractal - grail!) ... t_scientis


  1. Thanks for posting this! At times the focus gets pulled by the emotional turmoil being stirred up around us. But, we here at Nemeton have a sacred space filled with peace - not the absence of violence but the presence of human compassion.

  2. Your welcome I do what I can.

  3. Have you done research into the use of specific sentiments as keyways into different domains of power and conductivity?

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    No too sure what you're asking.

    what do you mean by 'specific sentiments as keyways into different domains'?

  5. Governments, religions and corporations have failed for centuries to bring life on earth in alignment with who and what we truly are in the fabric of life. Instead they created consumerism, pollution, dogmas, religious wars, man made rules, etc. We all can see by now how this is making the world going a destructive and dead-end way. But this science - this is exactly what the world needs right now ! A true Science of the way things are ! With this knowledge and true science we can understand our real place and position on earth related to life on Earth and in the Universe. Thus, no longer going against natures law on both Earth and in the Universe, but working constructively with it ! We must propagate this science and the teachings of Dan Winter as soon as possible into the world.