Friday, May 18, 2012

New Setup

This week my parents and I went off and got me my graduation present. So I have a new setup now!! 

This motivates me to clean the studio a bit. My table is messy as well as the rest of the room. Old art work everywhere and shit. I think I'll occasionally work on it this summer, been wanting to clean it up since I came home from college so I could have room to continue yoga. I realized how much I missed doing it when I took the P.E course last Fall. It really helped with my hypothyroidism. It gave me energy and helped me through the week since it was on a Wednesday. Now that I have a bit more energy I would be motivated to do it on my own. I have applied to one job where I couldn't imagine it being more perfect for me so now I'm doing the waiting game. I've just been working on my musics and researching -- playful things, taking a bit of a break on art and design related stuff. :-) 

I found this interesting website that focuses on protein and how it reacts to music. Apparently it sings when it reacts or is in the presence of music:

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