Sunday, February 19, 2012


Well I might be able to get some kind of a break soon. But considering I'm taking 2 photography classes, my available time is very limited these days. The epic honors poster project is over and completed with very little hassle this year. There was some drama but it has been put to rest. Phew!

In my historic photo processes 2 class (or as the department says, Alternative Photography 1) I am doing two processes. The kirlian process that uses high voltage to photograph the energetic pattern of an object and anthotypes that use the chlorophyll in plants to make an image. The anthotypes I might end up doing towards the end of the semester just because it needs live material to make it work and its winter right now.

My other photography class is just an intro to traditional black and white photography. Its been going well so far just been a bit frustrating getting the focus right.

I haven't really had all too much time to do a whole lot of new research but I have been conceptualizing about a huge project I've been dreaming about for months. This project I am serious about doing and hope to work on once I graduate in my free time. One of the things I loved about learning in college was learning the processes and thinking behind projects we do here. As a kid my projects never turned out the way I imagined because I never had a good process for them. I also love that I see Design principles in every day life. It makes it easy for me to connect what I am learning in college to things in every day life.

Last evening I was in the graphics lab finishing up honors and I was looking on my external hard drive for photos for my historic processes class and I found an old document on the Sumerian language stored on there. Don't ask me where I found this. Probably in on of my research expeditions. But, boy, is the Sumerian language complex. Every letter and vowel is an actual word or phrase in the language, differentiated by an accent to mean something else entirely! Yikes. But I learned how to say, "Hello my name is Kristi" in Sumerian. Silim, mu šè Kristi. Which really means, "Hello, Call me Kristi."

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