Friday, October 7, 2011

Shadow Divides

One of the twitter accounts I follow called, "Spacefuture" posts tweets about space and everything about it. They posted today this: it is a computer generated model of a cyclic universe. Using the idea of the big bang and the ever expanding vastness of the vacuum.

It got me thinking, it really did.

The page begins as a white screen. Think of this white screen as light, and all the things of this world are united within this glowing, white light.

Then suddenly shadow appears. Shadow is the dagger. It cuts and divides objects making them the 3-Dimensional things we know of today.  When the shadow begins and slowly expands, as seen in the model. Stars start to appear. Again this is because shadow divides.

Someone had commented on an earlier post about crop circles and they mentioned that they wondered why everything in this universe was constructed by a sphere. They are not spheres, but balls. Everything is a ball. There is a difference. Spheres are constructed by lines and points. Balls are constructed by the shadows that are created by light.

When you draw a 'sphere' or ball on a piece of paper, you don't start drawing it with lines and points but with shadow and light. 

Just like how in the cyclic universe model, when the shadow begins to expand, it shows stars and stars are balls of light with shadow attached. 

And then just as how shadow expanded, at a certain time when the shadow has completely taken over, the cycle begins again and the shadow begins to retract and dissolve. Then what is left is a shadowless light in which everything and anything is connected to. 

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