Sunday, October 23, 2011

And the battle continues...

This has been a pretty shitty week.
Monday I got slammed twice from the academic committee about getting my grade from my summer french class appealed and seeing if I can get my on campus job (studiosouth) be an internship to get credit. Nothing was accepted. The internship was mostly a GPA problem. But the GPA problem is rooted in my language disability.

No one has told me to go study for a test in the way that is most appropriate for me.
They all tell me to study for a test as if I don't have a disability and just give me extra time.
But how am I supposed to use this extra time to my advantage with what I have?

Its fucking ridiculous that I have to take language classes when I have a documented language disability. But apparently my high school and college both see it as not serious enough to accept it as a legitimate disability and so I have to take the language classes, which are hell for me.

So now I have to plan my life next semester based on two scenarios.
One, if I get my disney world internship.
And two, if all else fails.

I absolutely freaking hate talking about future plans, or what I'm planning to do. Its my life, I'd like to keep it to my self! Also being a mystic, I've had experiences in the past where I talk about something that's going to happen so much that it ends up not happening even if it had a lot of potential of happening.

I'm just so fed up with trying to make this work its driving me crazy.

So this is the scenario if all else fails and I have to come back next semester:

What I would be taking:
Silkscreen Printing TR 9:00 AM-11:30 AM;
Interactive Design II MW MW 6:30 PM-9:00 PM;
Photography I TR 6:30 PM-9:00 PM
 and my french class online.

If I DO get my internship this is what would happen:

I would take the "Internship class" to get credit for the internship which will fulfill the lame .25 units I'm short.
And I would take the french class online to meet the french requirement (1 units).

Next step would be to meet with the Foreign Language department chair to see if the french class I have found online would be acceptable and as well as meeting with the deans for possible scenarios and get some questions answered.

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