Saturday, September 3, 2011

School Begins

First party of the year last night. Went really well... my first 'party' that I hosted too. People came and went and then some stayed. There wasn't a whole lot, but there was definitely a crowd of people. We definitely had enough to last the entire night. Was a long night for me though. At 5:30 pm I went up to the North campus and had dinner with some people and then a few of us left to get the booze and juices. And the night ended at 2:30 am... and probably went to bed around 4 am. Its okay though I slept late that day. Ended up with two cases of lion's head and a handle of Rum. Also bought a medium sized bottle of Raspberry smirnoff for my room. Why am I obsessed with Raspberry flavor?! It was a good turn out for a last minute party I think. Wish I could have figured out music somehow. But the last time I let people share my stuff it was stolen, so I'm not letting anyone share anything anymore. I definitely saw most the people I wanted to see that I hadn't seen in a long time. This first week went well too. Still can't really get over that my two design profs that know me really well, suddenly decided to leave campus my senior year. So the one that they replaced doesn't know me or my work at all. Kind of important that your design profs that you've had all the time and would have had senior year know you... Its just hard to get over cause I liked them both a lot and it was for certain that they'd both be teaching at registration until the summer and it all changed... =/ Shit happens I guess. The current song I'm obsessing over is "Gucci Gucci" by Kreayshawn. I usually don't listen to a lot of rap. But I like the sound of this song.