Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What my Vardo would have, if I had one now.


So I thought it would be fun to do a round up on the things I've found that I would probably have in my Trolley Vardo if I had one now.

So at some point in the distant future, I'm going to gut an American Trolley and turn it into a mobile "gypsy" home.
I wanted a vardo that included the driver like in the olden days. Usually modern vardos are pulled by cars with a hitch, but mine I want to have the driver included as well. Plus it already looks like a modern vardo. They are usually around $30,000 which is as much as a new car. The cost of fuel adds up to cheap rent if I rented an apartment in a cheap area. If gas was $4.00 and it was 90 gallons, then the fuel would be $360. Plus whatever it costs to park at a trailer park...

In the end I may spend up to $100,000 making it self sufficient. I want it to be solar powered and have a grey water system.


A painting technique I'll probably do:


Loving This style of Lamp
"Edison Lamps"

Lights made from old decanters/bottles. A way to show my bottle collection.


Color possibilities.

Definitely considering color blocking for it though. I just love white with dots of color.


Furniture I'll save up for.

Curtain rods as a room divider.

I love this book case but in no way in hell will I spend $1,298.00 on it. It doesn't look like its worth $1,298.00, but that's Anthropologie for you.

A rain barrel is a must...

Choice of shower head...

Office Space

A reminder that offices don't have to be big


Need to find me some of these...

For the outside

Def. need one of these attached to it =)

Catch my planning here: "For the Future Vardo" on Pinterest. Cable Car Concepts is custom trolley company. I requested a quote for one that I had in mind.


  1. I only recently discovered the word vardo. I've looked a lot into sheep wagons and building houses on utility trailers or running gears. If I keep with farm work I may build a little house on a hay wagon.

  2. Yeah that's cool. I'm a graphic designer and I definitely don't see myself living in apartments for the rest of my life. I also want to be able to travel. If I have my house on wheels, I won't need much else. I am making this a live/work area. Any house on wheels is basically the same. Just different areas of the world, etc. The prairie wagon from the west could be seen as the american vardo from that time period.

  3. If you haven't seen this, here's a graphic designer that does just that:


    Course it's in an airstream but I remembered reading it.

  4. Thanks for posting that Cameron! As much as I love the airstream, I think the trolley would be a little more durable. I've been reading up on her travels, and it looks like she has a lot of problems after 3.5 of constant usage. I don't know the lifespan of an Airstream, but having a rotted floor and other problems after 3.5 years doesn't seem good to me. Plus I found a company that designs cable cars for specific uses, so maybe I can get a custom one with everything I'm looking for.