Thursday, July 14, 2011

Romany Vardo - Gypsy Wagon/Caravan

Lately, I have been obsessing (I even had a dream about it) about gypsy caravans, especially like the one in the picture above. Yes, the prairie covered wagons were probably derived from a gypsy caravan. Generally they are $12,000 but the thought of creating your own vehicle is enlightening. I had a dream about being in a covered wagon out in the Amish country in Pennsylvania, and if you know me, I don't remember my dreams often. I woke up so pleased and happy from that dream. I think its' a calling.

Gypsy Caravans seem perfect for my personality... just finding a builder in the USA may be tough (since Gypsy Caravans originally came from England).

A cute little room with a bed and a small kitchen is all really I need. I am also thinking about adding solar panels for electricity to modernize it. Love love love


  1. Hi KRISTI. DAVID here i as you have always been fasinated by gypsy wagons .I have resintly spent some time in Romania exploring and making Roma friends .I have returend with the intention of building a wagon in exactly the aria of witch you speek.As im resuching the idia i ran across your post .If you are still interested i would love to hear from you .I live in centeral pa ,Amish country in fact 3 miles from my house there is a post on that post is a plack . this is the giografic center of Pa

    1. Hi David, I am still interested in building one, but my demand for space has increased since this was posted several years ago. Please contact me directly:

      This blog is no longer updated and left for archive, my new blog is at