Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Heyyyyy I'm alive. :) Just been semi-busy... but doing boring stuff that's not worthy to blog about. I've started my second session of french classes this summer. Not sure how well I did last session yet. Family finally got the cape house under our belts, so I've been busy going to the cape during the weekends. So. Much. Fun.

We went last weekend. Went to a couple of the local beaches and I found a piece of genuine (haha) sea glass! Sea glass is rare b/c people are becoming more environmentally aware so they aren't throwing it into the ocean.. kinda sad for jewelers and crafters who use it and now have to use the fake stuff.

After the beach, my mom and I went to the Artists' Guild Craft faire on the Eastham common. Eastham as well as Orleans is known for their old fashioned windmills and I went up Eastham's never been in a wooden windmill before :P. But we met a jeweler at the craft faire and we're having the sea glass I found made into a pendant with a star fish. So excited to see it. I can't believe I had that piece in my bag! I usually keep things I really like that I find on the beach with me instead of tossing it into the bucket and having it get mixed with all the shells we've collected over the years.

I've also spending my time on Pinterest which is an awesome addicting website that allows you to pin whatever you find on the internet onto "boards" and different categories. I have lots of boards already around 35 I think. Right now I was working on a "Food Shopping List" board when Pinterest decided to go down =(. Its kinda helping me keep organized. Since I can see everything I've ever wished for or visually thought of all in one place. I guess since its' down I should go to bed =D

Mom and dad in front of the cape house

We're going back this weekend so I'll take lots of pictures since we're a little more settled now. =) Two more days of class and then back to the cape! Love this.

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