Friday, June 3, 2011

Serial Killers + So-Called Criminals

I just watched an hour and a half talk done by James Bartley who spoke about the research that's been done on Reptilians and their intervention with humans. According to him, most rapists, serial killers, murderers, etc. are human beings who have been completely taken over by a Reptilian entity. Basically the entity manipulates the human enough so that it is at a suitable frequency vibration for the entity to take over. The Reptilian race operates on an time-space free realm, and inter-dimensionally. They are able to shapeshift themselves into our dimension appearing as their physical form, or shapeshifting into a more desirable form. In short, this races feeds off negative energy just as we would on protein, carbs, etc. We are an energetic food source to them. I can't describe all he talked about since its rather mind-blowing and negative and this blog isn't supposed to be geared towards negativity. I highly recommend watching the lecture but be warned it tends to get graphic and negative.

However, I do want to mention that he talks about these Reptilians raping women in their sleep while invisible, acting as a spirit or ghost like entity. The women still feel the physical entity on her, in and around her, but the Reptilian shifted his density so the woman cannot see him in the 3rd dimension. I mention this part because I remember as a pre-teen playing the Ouija board with my best friends at my house, on ski trips, etc. Two of my friends decided to play the Ouija board in graveyard and one friend told me she was raped by a spirit and could feel the manhood within her. At the time I thought she was crazy and remained skeptical. But after watching that lecture everything regarding my friendship with her and my experience with the Ouija board aligned with the Reptilian abductions. After middle school, my friend started to verbally abuse me, calling me names, just bringing me down. She began to be obsessed with sex and became extremely perverted. This girl was extremely negative in general, at least to those who she didn't like. It appeared that she hated everyone except to those only who would do her bidding.

He goes on at one point describing the hostees of the Reptilians and he describes them usually as high cheek bones, dark eye sockets, and a brow above the eyebrows.

The reptilians that Mr. Bartley is talking about are from the Orion constellation. To support this, Reverse EVP researcher Peggy Kane also makes reference to a negative oriented reptilian race from Orion... that are doing a lot of manipulation to us on an astral/dream, or spiritual level. And according to Andromedan Contactee Alex Collier, they hail from the star systems of Rigel, Betelgeuse and Bellatrix.

The main serial killer Mr. Bartley uses is of a Ukrainian serial killer, Andrei Chikatilo, born October 16,1936.

I can just have nightmares looking at Andrei Chikatilo.. anyway. Mr. Bartley showed this picture during his lecture and the FIRST thing that came to my mind that looked A LOT like this dude was Lee Loughner.

The similarities between them is actually kind of astonishing.

Above picture is of my childhood friend. It was difficult finding a picture of her smiling. But I can definitely see the same characteristics in her face as Lee Loughner's and Andrei Chikatilo's. She probably won't kill anyone, but in college it looks like she's been doing a whole lot of substance abuse. Which Mr. Bartley goes into detail about and how it makes a human consciousness easier to control.

Below is a young portrait of the infamous Occultist magician, Aleister Crowley, 1906.

Again, the distinct characteristics: high cheek bones, dark eye sockets, etc.

However, characteristics aren't the only things to take into consideration. Behavior is a big part of it as well.
Just be careful. To help avoid these vile creatures, be positive; make orgonite, don't have sex too often (they also feed off sexual energy), don't do drugs (for any reason, even if its for research), and be full of love (not prejudices, etc).

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