Tuesday, May 17, 2011


You know you're week turns bad when you lose a client....

I've been dealing with this chick since last summer. I was going to do her logo, ppt template and letterhead. We agreed, put down the deposit. I gave her a comp, and she told me a co-worker had a problem with the concept. After that I never heard back from her. I kept calling, emailing her for months. I thought, okay so this project isn't on this chick's top priorities. Fine. I had school, etc. I emailed her this month asking what's up. She told me that she needed the project done while I was at school. Um. She gave me the project mid-summer, could've gotten the project done if communication had been swift. She had given the project to some other studio. Um okay, but wasn't the whole point of the deposit to prevent this from happening?

I thought that's what deposits were for.

To prevent canceling projects.

Well after dealing with this chick, I'm going to have to draw up some guidelines.

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