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What is Freemasonry?

What is Freemasonry?

Freemasonry is a system of science, as well as morality, veiled in an astronomical allergory and illustrated by astronomical symbols.

Source: Stellar Theology and Masonic Astronomy by Robert Hewitt Brown 32 (degrees) and ILL.:.B.:. Clifford E. Hazel, 33/96 (degrees).

NOTE: Pharaoh Hatshepsut co-ruled Egypt with her young nephew Tehuti mes III [Thutmose III] between 1473-1458 BC.

The Freemasonic Arts

NOTE: Around 2500 BC the above perfectly ground and polised crystal was used by the ancient Egyptians as a magnifying glass, for observing the stars and; serving as optical lenses in their statues. Khufu is Pharaoh Djoser's grandsom. Netjerykht [Djoser[ reigned over the Saqqara Complex in Egypt around 2650 BC.

The seven liberal arts and sciences of the Phre-Mas-Sens are Grammar, Rhetoric, Logic, Arithmetic, Geometry, Astronomy and Music.

Source: The Secret of All Ages by Manly P. Hall and; The Crystal Sun by Robert Temple.

Symbols and Freemasonry

Freemasons use "Symbols' to convey messages. According to ones perception a "Symbol" can be used for good or evil. One may not be able to read the above language. But, their "Symbols" are easily understood. Failure to comply with the rules associated with a "Symbol" may result in injury. the Masonic Square symbolizes the earth, truthfulness and integrity. The Compass symbolizes the spirit, self-control and staying within the bonds of humanity. The letter "G" symbolizezes Geometry and the Great Architect of the Universe (the arching characteristic of electricity, as symbolized in the ATOM symbol).

The secret of the pyramids

The mystical Phre-Mas-Sens of old use mental power also known as magnetic current to levitate those mega-ton pyramid and temple stones. According to the Phoenician historian "Sanchoniatho" the first city "Byblos" in Ta-Seti [Lebanon] was founded by the NTR [divine-being] Ouranus [OSIRIS]. He designed the cyclopean structures and; he was able to make the stones move as if they had a life of their own.

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