Saturday, May 7, 2011

What I hope to accomplish this summer

I hate making lists, because I never follow them. But perhaps this time I'll be motivated enough. I think I'm really glad to be home this summer. Strange.

  1. Take french classes so I can graduate this winter

  2. Find a Job

  3. If no job, take a class in motion graphics

  4. Get a significant head start on my book.

  5. Spend time at the new Cape house

  6. Use up a significant amount of my Jewelry supplies

  7. Possibly sell what I make at Wellfleet Flea Market (down at the Cape close to the Cape house)

  8. Take a lot of photos

  9. Try and define a new exercise routine

  10. Be motivated enough to craft, and produce some ideas I have in my head regarding projects

Sounds good. :D

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