Tuesday, May 3, 2011

So-called Angelic Script - light is the inspiration for script fonts?

There is an esoteric side to everything, no doubt. That is why I like this school of thought.

Some say script is just the effect of primitive writing. Calligraphy was just a primitive writing style and things developed after the printing press into the print penmanship we know of today.

But one must ask, what made us use flowing inky lines? What in our subconscious told us that flowing lines were easier than architectural letters?

Some say is has to do with the flow of energy and some say it is actually the manifestation of our thoughts (which is light with sound attached).

The artist, Bryan Deflores says about his work:

The channeled art pieces/accelerators contained within these galleries are designed to trigger a dramatic reconfiguration of our consciousness; assisting us to return to our original blueprints of divine perfection and connection. Although many of these images are intense and highly complex, it is important to understand that their primary purpose is to connect you with the new thought fields currently merging with our planetary matrix. All image originals are drawn ‘by hand’ in a matter of minutes and are often created several at a time. To manifest these art pieces, I use Prismacolor pencils and/or gold and silver metallic markers on Canson drawing paper.

THE GRIDWORKERS #74 5th dimensional Arcturian lightships assisting in healing and activating the planetary grid system. Vanadinite.

THE SCIENCE OF MIRACLES #71 Original innocence shifts the body consciousness into experiencing more joy and reverence for all of creation; divine creativity. Rhodochrosite

DIE EGO, DIE #67 Aboriginal Dreamtime Accelerator This image organizes the true inner management principals of the mind while gently unraveling the ‘old’ Ego Structure. Your strategies will falter and fail as this accelerator brings all inner conflicts to a halt.

PERCEPTIONTATION #73 Aboriginal Dreamtime Accelerator Serendipitous reunion; a portal into an unexplored dimension now ready to be explored; eliminates prejudice of off-planet creational processes; Higher Self bridge for accessing information of & to the Self; assists one with objective witnessing & infinite perspective.

THE VRIL POWER #75 Activates all energy centers in the body; also called the Kundalini Energy, each individual’s personal power located at the base of the spine; liquid light acceleration fluid. Sugelite and Carnelian.

PILLARS OF HERCULES #5 Manifests divine intervention; calls forth the ‘Power of the Gods’; harmony and balance; strength and courage; support & empowerment.

THE TITAN #62 Seven ships united, bringing the program for rebalancing Earth; ancient shield of protection to impact the current morphogenetic field, allows transcendence of time and space for co-creation; redistributes commonalities throughout the grid.

ETERNAL LIGHT #35 Spark of creation; divine custodian; ignites a chain reaction of sustained light within the physical body; designed by the Progress Helpers and the Superangels.

Depending on your view of channeling (I prefer the word 'transmission') these can have a very powerful effect spiritually but are also a good source of design inspiration.

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