Friday, May 13, 2011

The Shining Ones and Angels

Chapters of Coming Forth By Day: "Behold, oh ye shining ones, ye men and gods..."

One of the missing "keys" in this fabricated divided illusion, is the shining ones. Throughout ancient history, there has been a global phenomenon of beings called the shining ones. They have literally been described as people of light and that they were seen as gods. The most prominent culture who speaks of the shining ones, is of course Egypt. But some scholars believe they are the Sumerian Annunaki. In the Sumerian legends, Humanity was created by the Sky Gods who descended from heaven. I believe the angel archetype is actually a description of the shining ones. While the video below is not of actual human form, it still portrays the angel archetype. As seen in the video below, we could never accept the appearance of an angel because we would associate them with "UFO"s. That's right. Some of the UFO footage is indeed "legit" but they are not like the image we have of aliens: a flying saucer with little green men inside.

In order to study Ufology a good understanding of light needs to be achieved. How it affects us, how it affects material, the acceptance that outside this physical world time and space do not exist. According to Hermetic thought, time and space is not in motion, but is perceived within thee. That means our brains are a big tool in perceiving the physical world. All our senses create the physical world. Without them, time and space do not exist.

Angels are described as white winged, beings, generally dressed in white and carry a message.

Well this description could be an archetypal description. These paintings that we know now, also were painted by the Humanists of the Renaissance who have a connection to the Order of the Rosae Croix, Rosicrucianism, a mystery (oral) school that was started by egyptian Pharaoh Tuthmosis. Therefore one of the many ways that mystics encrypted information was through paintings and symbols. As learned in art school, artists' paint what the see. The act of seeing could mean different things to different people. The most obvious and narrow meaning to see is seeing something with your eyes. To the Humanists as well with any philosopher one of the many lines of wisdom that is passed around is, "Those who know, see." This simply means, those who are 'in the know' see. See through the illusion.

Here are some quotes regarding the Shining Ones:

The Sumerian EL means simply bright or shining
the Old Irish Aillil means shining
Old Cornish EL means shining
Elf means shining - hence Elves as tall/mysterious angelic beings
Inca Illa is bright or to shine
Babylonian Ellu is to shine

Eliphas Levi (19th century magician and mystic) speaks of these egregors on numerous occasions and even links them to the giants or Watchers spoken of in the Book of Enoch saying that they:
“take shape and have appeared in the guise of giants: these are the egregors of the Book of Enoch…. Termed the celestial watchers or egregors, by the ancients.”

“The egregore is a group spirit that serves to remind the initiate of his or her goals. It informs and guides the individual and it protects the living chain of brotherhood. The living chain of brotherhood is entered into when a Setian performs a rite of their own creation intended to protect and enhance the Temple of Set. The egregore protects the brotherhood by letting them know their enemies are there. A symbolic representation of the egregore is used to maintain a link to the Prince of Darkness.”
Sir Ormsond IV°,
from Saturnian Principles.

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