Friday, April 8, 2011

Tarot Reading Update

I love when reality smacks me across the face. I did a tarot reading at the beginning of this month, because I couldn't remember what the reading for the semester reading said for this month. I had said that I got the four of coins, ace of coins and four of cups. Oh hot damn! Ace of coins completely came true even though I interpreted it wrong the first time. I originally said it was a business project, but then it manifested as a gift. My mom alerted me last week that she was gonna send me a care package and then I won a necklace from for participating in a logo contest. I associate graphic design with Coins quite heavily. Graphic Design is all about the material and you get paid for it... and that's basically the Coins suit.

Then the Union came true too. I met my friend Ali who transferred from Moravian from my freshman year in New York today, and Jon ten met up with us and united with her too.

But it was an interesting union because it was so late in the day that we couldn't do much so we just hung out at McDonalds and chatted. We were gonna go to starbucks and sit but there was no seats. Ali talked about a party she's having at her apartment, and Jon was upset that we couldn't stay because we had no ride back lol. But the four of cups is interesting in this situation.

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