Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pi: The Intersection of Linear and Non-Linear Reality

Earlier this week I posted as my status as "卐" the swastika, because I thought it was cool that I could computer generate a swastika icon lol.

Anyway, my friend Lauren commented how the counterclockwise swastika represented shrines on maps in Japan, specially the torii gates - gates to the spiritual world. I remembered that the counterclockwise represented all the waves and the spiritual half of the Universe. The clockwise swastika represent all that is materialistic, physical. We then got into a discussion about the T motif, or the Tau. I realized that there were a lot of similarities and subliminals to the Tau all over the world that also represented the spiritual world, or more like a bridge, or connection or gate INTO the spiritual world.

For example there is that 12,000 year old archeological site in Gobekli Tepe (dates back BEFORE Christ which is 2,000) and that site is covered with T motifs, or Tau symbols:

Here is a torii gate:

Then here is ta more famous example on Lake Titicaca in peru whic eerily resembles the torii gates:

Even more famous is Stonehenge

The star wars TIE (sounds like PIE) fighter eerily looks like the large "H": in the above picture:

And finally a hieroglyphic picture of abzu,

Enki walks out of the water to the land.

Here's a treatise on the significance of pie.

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