Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hyperspace & The Spiritual World

Some fans of science fiction may wonder why we haven't reached to the far edges of the Galaxy. Its most likely not because of the lack of technology, I do believe we have all the technology we could ever need to explore the galaxy and physical universe. Its more about understanding the spiritual half of life. As a society our understanding of the spiritual world is almost absolute.

We worship a God even though we don't know for sure if he exists. Through written and oral tradition we've been told that there is a God, but through thorough research in the right places, one will see that the Christian idea of God is a complete misunderstanding. The Bible are words written by MAN who appeared to be God. This is almost an undeniable fact if one is willing to accept and read the books that have been eliminated from the original scriptures.

One of the most peculiar scriptures from the eliminated books of the original Bible is from Apocrypha of the Book of Enoch, Enoch is a Sumerian figure who is also Noah's Great Great Grandfather. And the etymology of heaven literally means SKY. The following excerpt literally describes the exit of the Earth's atmosphere. The thinker can't help but ask, How on EARTH could a being from 4th millennium BC describe the exit of the atmosphere!?

And they lift me up into heaven … (14:9)
And it was hot as fire and cold as ice… (14:13)
I saw the places of the luminaries … (17:3)
And I came to a great darkness… (17:6)
I saw a deep abyss. (17:11)
...-Apocrypha, Book of Enoch

To the Rosicrucians, the 'God' in the Book of Genesis is the Elohim. The direct translation of Elohim from the Hebrew (Sumerian: Hiburu) language "is those who came from the stars". Directly from the Rosicrcuian Cosmo-Conception, it states;

In addition to the creative Hierarchies, which worked voluntarily in our evolution, there are seven others which belong to our evolution, and are co-workes with God in the formation of the universe. In the first chapter of Genesis these Hierarchies are called “Elohim”. The name signifies a host of dual or double-sexed Beings. The first part of the word is “Eloh”, which is feminine noun, the letter “h” indicating the gender If a single feminine Being were meant, the word “eloh” would have been used. The feminine plural is “oth,” so if the intention had been to indicate a number of Gods of the feminine gender the correct word to use would have been “Elooth”. Instead of either of those forms, however, we find the masculine, plural ending, “im,” added to the feminine noun, “eloh,” indicating a host of male-female, double-sexed Beings, expressions of the dual, positive-negative, creative energy.

Stewart Swerdlow, a clairvoyant and participant of the Montauk Project published a book about the Language of Hyperspace. His definition of Hyperspace is that it holds together all realities astral and physical, intelligence behind all of it.

I haven't read Swerdlow's book, so I don't know the his exact definition of his "T-Bar" or the Tau, but I wrote about the T-Bar, Tau, or Pi symbol - double-tau - as being the Intersection of Linear and Non-linear reality. The fact that the Pi and Tau symbols mirror and relate to Gates to the Spiritual World make a lot of sense. In the Japanese Shinto tradition, torii gates mark the boundary between the physical and spiritual worlds. And then the tau - or double-tau - is repeated again in the Lake Titicaca gate - Stargate Aramu Muru.

There is another gate called Tiwanaku, the Gateway of the Sun, which is again by Lake Titicaca. On the Tiwanaku gate there is a SUN god called Hombre-Sol:

Perhaps what the ancients knew of the spiritual world may actually be Hyperspace, and because we aren't socially involved yet to fully understand the spiritual part of life we can't go into space since in space and hyperspace there is a sense of peace and order.

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