Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Contemplating the Carbon Atom

In sculpture class a.k.a, 3D design class, I was contemplating the carbon atom and its Vedic name, "ANU" or at least that's what the Vedic mystics named THE atom, not specially the carbon atom. I was also contemplating the asymmetric universe and how Tom Bearden proved that it is a proven broken symmetric universe.

I then remembered that the Sumerian cuneiform for ANU (which is sky; heavens in sumerian) is a proven broken symmetric symbol.

Either the cuneiform for ANU is actually a really old symbol depicting the proven broken symmetric universe or there is another side of the carbon atom we have yet to discover but the Sumerians knew long before us....

Perhaps the triangles represent matter and the other virtual subquantal energy in the vacuum that proves that its' a broken symmetric universe?!

EDIT: Another subliminal I found was that Carbon has 8 electrons... I was reading an article about the Science of the Dogon (which is a tribe in West Africa) and they were obsessed with the electron structure of water and carbon; water, 2 and Carbon, 8....

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