Friday, March 11, 2011

Butterfly Craft

Made this tonight for relaxation... haha

Had a busy week.
Wednesday my family and I went off to the MFA to see the new wing, which featured Art of the Americas (ancient to modern times). Visual overload we decided. In the modern section I saw a cool exhibit on history of photo processes. Wednesday evening my family and I went to the Noodle house and I had Wonton Soup, so good. I ate it all.

Today my mom and I went to the ICA to see their newest exhibit. Wasn't terribly exciting, unfortunately. Its stuff I've seen. They still had Shepard Fairey's stuff up. As much as everyone hates the scandal with Fairey I really enjoy his work, because he uses a really unique process to make his graphics. Afterwards we got our addiction, which is Dunkin Donut's Ice Caramel lattes <3 love 'em. At 3 pm I had my first business meeting with my first real client. :) And by real I mean, like no mutal or family friends kinda thing. He wants a website comp by Sunday, so that means I'm working Friday and Saturday!! Besides getting a hair cut on Friday and packing on Saturday, I'll probably be working on and off. I also want to try that cold porcelain recipe.

As an artist, I'm a big advocate for biodegradable and environmentally friendly processes and materials. May be unexpected, but I'm seriously thinking about getting my masters in Materials Science. The subject has been fascinating me since, I started my research. It would be really cool to learn how to make polymers, fabrics, metals and alloys stuff our stuff is made of... ;)

So I found this material on OpenMaterials (new favorite site) and it's sheets of material made of green tea. SO COOL.

recently reported on BioCouture, a fashion research project based at Central Saint Martin’s College in London and led by Suzanna Lee, which seeks to grow textiles from a vat of liquid:

The process uses a sugary green tea recipe, to which, a bacterial culture is added. It takes about 2-4 weeks to grow a sheet that is thick enough to use. Sheets are then dried down; either shaped over a wooden dress form–like the ghost dress and ruff jacket –or sewn together conventionally. Depending on the recipe the material can either feel like paper or–more desirably–like a vegetable leather.

In testing with dyes we found no need for mordant [a substance used for dyeing fabrics] and an incredibly small amount of dye goes a long way so it’s eco-credentials go through the entire process. We also recycle a percentage of the fermentation liquid.

So I found new work music, sleep, meditation, whatever music. Its Aquaristica, by Adult Only. Its lounge, chillout, relaxing, background and ambient kind of music. Very futuristic, at least in my mind.

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