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Geometry = Memory Storage, Michael Leyton, Geometer, Physicist

In my 'quest' for truth and enlightenment I discovered one of the world's leading physicists' website regarding free energy and suppressed information about things we didn't think existed but did.

To Tom Bearden in this physical realm TIME is a fourth dimensional energy. It is the Z axis of space. It is the movement that governs the physical realm. In his work he says GEOMETRY is the basis of everything. ASYMMETRICAL and SYMMETRICAL geometry. Architecture + Art + Science coming together to explain this realm. How cool!

ISN'T GEOMETRY apart of design as well as Qabalah? How do we define Geometry?! Shape!
Letterform! Numbers! Design! Art!...

What does our reference site for qabalah say about Geometry?!

One morning I woke up and got an intuitive message saying that life is a mesh of light. Underlying the physical nature of everything, in the subatomic structures of everything, it is a mesh of light. Armature, if you will.

The atom symbol is so completely symmetrical and geometric in its construction, that everything as pertaining to 3D manipulation, has to include, and cannot appear as 3 dimensional, unless it portrays geometry and symmetry to function and have an effect. This is the Sacred Geometry, or Sexual Geometry, that holds the conjured up illusion in tact. Without this mathematical wizardry, nothing would appear as 3 dimensional. - illuminatiMatrix.blogspot.com

Tom Bearden,

In Leyton geometry, a broken symmetry at a given level does not lose the symmetry information, and it also generates a new symmetry at the next higher level. Hence it increases the overall symmetry. This is necessary, in order for a negative entropy process to exist and for it to absorb and coherently integrate disordered vacuum virtual energy into real, observable, ordered EM energy.
Leyton’s discovery of the resulting hierarchies of symmetry {10a} is thus another giant revolution ticking away in physics.

What have we posted about regarding asymmetry and symmetry (order and unordered?). HEY quasicrystals!

Quasicrystals are structural forms that are ordered but not periodic. They form patterns that fill all the space though they lack translational symmetry.

According to Leyton, The Fundamental Laws of Art = The Fundamental Laws of Memory Storage. According to this, Shape functions as memory storage.

We have seen that the laws produce process diagrams, which give the actions stored in an artwork. That is, the diagrams actually represent the stored memory. Thus, according to this theory, the process of creating the work is that of loading histories into the work, and the process of understand the work is the process of recovering those histories. All the rules of art come from the First and Second Fundamental Laws of memory Storage. These are formulated respectively as the Asymmetry Principle and the Symmetry Principle. That is, the Asymmetry Principle and the Symmetry Principle are , in fact, the fundamental laws of art. Let us now make sure we carefully understand this, as follow: The Asymmetry Principle states that any asymmetry in the present is assumed to have arisen from a past symmetry. And the Symmetry Principle states that any symmetry in the present is assumed to have always existed. Furthermore, to use these two laws, one goes through the simple three-part prcedure given in section 1.4, for recovering the past. One merely partitions the present into its asymmetries and its symmetries. Then one applies the Asymmetry Principle to the asymmetries; and one applies the Symmetry Principle to the Symmetries.

Oh the silliness of the 3rd dimension,

Angles Are Angels
Sacred Geometry of the Great Architect of the Universe.

It should be noted that the word English, literally means, Angel-man. The word ANGEL is, in turn, derived from the word ANGLE. This is an extremely strong point to realize, as the whole power of the hypnotic trance working through the illusory body of humanity is based on the sacred geometry and the angles, or angels used, to develop the religious and scientific 3 dimensional space we exist in. There is actually no such thing as a spirit entity or an angel. The spirits that do appear to people from time to time, are only illusions, even as we, the physical person, are simply illusions. These illusions are actually there in a fake 3D sense, but they’re not spirit entities, other than that they’re illusory THOUGHT PATTERNS creating an IMAGE. They’re just hypnotic based manipulations of light, luciferian thought forms. There are only subliminal hypnotic suggestions, combined with geometric based formulas, incantations, chants, hymns, meditations, etc. Through this exercise, what is conjured up, is the illusion of a spirit, or magic. This is the basis of kabbalism, the Tree of Life, or, in more clear terms, HYPNOTIC MIND CONTROL. - illuminatiMatrix.blogspot.com

Sacred Geometry = mesh of light or Armature.
Oh the silliness of my intuitive self.

Michael Leyton,

1. Shape is memory storage
2. Artworks are maximal memory stores
3. Shape is the process-history recovered from the present state.
4. Tension goes from the present state to the past state, i.e; corresponds to the recovery of process-history.


Sigh. Emotional expression = memory storage is what designers and artists have been saying for decades. Mathematicians and Physicists are just getting?!


The emotional expression is given by the configuration of tension.

but tension is recovered process-history.

Therefore emotional expression is recovered process-history (i.e., memory storage).

Thus our rules for the recovery of process-history, i.e., memory storage, are the rules of emotional expression.

This allows us to systematically and completely map out the emotional expression in an artwork.

Differential Geometry -> Emotional Expression

Oh Hey, Great Architect of the Universe, you and your ordered physical realm;

One time I was in NYC with the Art Department we were at the Museum of Art and Design (or MAD) and found the book, 101 things I learned in Architecture School by Matthew Frederick.

According to the principles of architecture; informed simplicity, which is an enlightened view of reality,

It is founded upon an ability to discern or create clarifying patterns within complex mixtures. Pattern recognition is a crucial skill for an architect, who must create a highly ordered building [our physical realm] amid many competing and frequently nebulous design considerations.

Fits with the whole sacred geometry and the mathematical wizardry patterns..
Hmm this is,
an investigation that describes and demonstrates a novel technique for the visualization of magnetic fields.

Two ferrofluid Hele-Shaw cells have been constructed to facilitate the imaging of magnetic field lines.

We deduce that magnetically induced photonic band gap arrays similar to electrostatic liquid crystal operation are responsible for the photographed images and seek to mathematically prove the images are of exact dipole nature.

Hmm, magnetism and geometry. More experiments need to be done to see if we can reproduce sacred geometry in the hele-shaw cells. However the above image PROVES that MAGNETISM is LINEAR and that FORM (shape) follows FUNCTION.

If differential geometry -> Emotional Expresssion then what happens if Differential geometry is incorporated into Design and Manufacture?

I found this silly paper called,

Interrogation of differential geometry properties for Design and Manufacture

And this one called "Shape Interrogation for Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing", by Nicholas M. Patrikalakis and Takashi Maekawa, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, 2002, ISBN 3-540-42454-7, 408 pages

Michael Leyton reference: The Structure of Paintings - Michael Leyton

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