Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Website Comp: Return of Our Ancestors

Title: Return of Our Ancestors
Description: Professional website for students of alternative history, metaphysics, 2012 discussions and other areas of similar subjects.
Target Audience: historians, meta physicists, 'conspiracy theorists', etc
Feature List: N/A
Site Map: Home - > Research - Papers - Media - Gallery - Links - Forum
Research - > Anecdotes - Essays - Findings
Papers - > History - Scientific - Meta physic - 2012 discussions
Media - > Video - Photo - Press
Gallery - > Misc photos
Special Notes: N/A

I like it, overall. I wasn't sure where I'd go with this project had a few ideas in mind and then used this abstract space influenced background that I made two nights ago and decided to do a website on alternative history. Ever since the 2012 phenomenon exploded off-beat subjects are becoming more popular. I think there should be more room, but I like how spaced out everything is (no pun intended :P). I tried to make it so the subjects that are being discussed are open for friendly discussion. It also takes an non-orthodox and non-dogmatic mind to view history in this light. History becomes very interesting when viewed in this way...


  1. The design really vits the subject of the website very well. It looks very informative and easy to navigate. I would have like to have seen one more page, but i'm guessing they will all look similar. I like the text that you used for the title. Overall an affective website.

  2. This site is immediately engaging to me as two of my favorite colors are purple and blue and my eye is immediately drawn to the beautiful background image in the header. The typography of the title text in the header is also very nice. The navigation of the site is very clear in the menu bar directly under the header. The arrangement of images and text in the body copy keeps the page interesting as the eye travels back and forth. If it was a straight vertical layout, it would be stagnant. I want to read more!