Saturday, January 22, 2011

Print2Web 5 examples

- First one out of 5... converted all original copy to website format. Doesn't look bad, just needs more breathing room.

- 2/5. Subtracted some copy, not bad as a layout. More breathing room.

- 3/5. Has more breathing room and looks a bit more like a website. Very clean, soothing design.

- 4/5. Has the text being the focus on the top. Kind of off balances it. Still not a bad layout.

- 5/5. Best one out of all, 'zig-zag' motion works well for this.


  1. Oh hayyy

    I. Overall Presentation
    -Follows the grid-format
    -Everything is clear, organized

    II. Usability
    - Very clear
    -Maybe the background too dark?

    III. Organization
    -seems like the information content diminishes as you make more versions..
    -^But it makes room, so the viewer can focus on the background

  2. All of the designs are similar to the original. The presentation is nice, but I think that the background is a little too dark and distracting. The hierarchy works well; however, I think that the captions for the pictures are a little too small to read. The layouts are organized well on the grids, which will allow them to work on the web. My only concern is if all the fonts will be compatible, such as the head which may need to be an image.

  3. @elise he told me to take content away...