Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Inky Designs with Ferrofluid

Yeah know how we designers like clean inky lines on the computer using vectors and illustrator?? Well you can make similar designs in real life with ferrofluid and sound. Cymatics is teh study of sound moving matter and can be a really interesting project to do. More experimentation should be done regarding Hebrew sounds, matter and sound. But here is some inky ferrofluid goodness:

The last one is fun, but it just shows that sound energy (or energy in general) is spiral in nature. Why do you think the spiral is the most common form in nature?!

Subatomic Spiral - Tracks of the reaction between subatomic particles observed in the cloud chamber. This is a device, containing a gas saturated with the vapor of a liquid, which allows us to photograph the trajectory of subatomic particles having an electric charge, or better the track of droplets produced by them when traveling through the vapor.

This photo makes enough evidence that energy travels in a spiral, which is seen through out all nature. We are made up of subatomic particles.


  1. The cloud chamber tracks are spirals because the charged particles are following the magnetic field .